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Your Trusted Partner

Bringing Swiss Expertise to the Americas and Asia
Acting as Trustees and Directors

KALESO is recognized as a premier multi-family office representing families, their affiliated structures, and their family offices. Rooted in Switzerland with locations in the United States and Panama, our boutique firm offers tailor-made, Swiss-quality solutions to clients in all regions of the world.

We offer a wide range of services from trust and fiduciary services to succession planning and corporate management for ultra-high net worth clients. Asset management and audit services are intentionally excluded to ensure our independence and avoid any conflict of interests. We collaborate with clients’ existing advisors and with our extensive network of renowned professionals to achieve the most advantageous results. Our goal is to implement solutions that allow for maximum flexibility in light of ever-changing circumstances. We use a proactive, innovative, and future-oriented approach to protect client interests and optimize asset growth across generations.

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